Saturday, September 11, 2010


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For some reason, I totally forgot about this mix - 'til an old friend posted an mp3 of it the other day. I downloaded it and noticed that the mix was tracked and it created small gaps. Being the particular person I am, I found the mix in an old laptop and pieced all the tracks all together tightly. It took a few hours, but I cleaned it up as much as possible.

I made this mix in 2000, when I was really into instrumental Hip Hop. At the time, I wanted to make a mix with long, smooth blends and minimal tricks. The focus was on the groove, the feeling created when hearing two records mixed together and both of them kinda "questioning and answering" each other. For running through the mix a couple times before I laid it down, it's not too shabby!

This was done in two takes. One for Side A and one for Side B. It was recorded onto DAT, then dubbed to cassette and copied a few hundred times on cassettes for mass consumption. Did I say cassette? WOW. I remember burning out a tape player dubbing them.

Looking back, this makes sense, considering I was part of a crew that was composed of mostly House DJs. So their style of mixing rubbed off on me. This was an evolutionary step in my djing, prior to this it was all quick and drop mixing. This was so important for me. Looking at it now, in a way, mixing more than 8 bars nowadays is sort of a lost art.

The image above is the artwork for the cassette. My dude Merrick did a great job on it. If you look it, I purposely made a silly face for the cover. What was I thinking? Anyway, I got a kick out of the shout outs as well.

While working on this mix today, it brought back memories of who I was then - what I was doing, who I was dating and where I was maturity-wise. I also thought about the point my friends were at then (most of them have stopped djing, real jobs, married, etc.) and how different things were.

Things were simpler.

Fast forward to now.

So here you have it, two links for each side of the mixtape.


DJ Mel - Copacetic - Side A

DJ Mel - Copacetic - Side B

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