Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going way back.

(Pictures via Facebook)

In the late 80's / early 90's, one of my best friends and myself would sneak out of our parent's house and check the dance clubs in Austin. The Planetarium, Curfew, Backstreet, Eastern Bloc & others were spots that we would hit up on the regular. Back then, it was really underground - no top 40, a slippage of some underground Hip Hop, but for the most part, it was obscure electronic dance music. It was really amazing and it opened my ears to a whole new world. Regardless of what I heard on any given weekend - whether it was Belgian, Acid House, Industrial, New Beat or whatever, I always headed to Sound Exchange or Waterloo Records the following Monday to cop the records I heard. During that time I amassed a pretty large record collection. I still have most of these records to this day. It was definitely a significant time in my development as a dj, record collector and music fan.

Sound Exchange's record shelves were stocked by DJ Roger Wilson. He always kept the store stocked with newest, most interesting records. What he bought for the store, he played at the club as well. His nights at Deca, Planetarium and Acropolis were influential in my early approach to dj'ing. Super down to earth, he always took the time to talk to me - for a kid that looked up to him, that was a big deal. Many years later, we still catch up whenever we see each other. I'm glad my dude is still doing well! You can catch this legendary dj throwing events periodically around Austin. Click here for the latest.

Not too long ago, I was on Facebook and stumbled upon fan pages for some the Austin dance clubs from that time period. I was totally blown away. The Curfew page has close to 600 photos and it took me hours to go through them all. I was taken back. So crazy. These pages are truly a time capsule and a window to that era in Austin. A total precursor to Proteus and the rave scene in the mid to late 90's.

Curfew Facebook Page

Backstreet Facebook Page

Phaces Facebook Page

Btw, Austin wasn't the only place in Texas that had things going on. Dallas, Houston and even Waco had great scenes with Starck Club, Numbers, Power Tools, Club 6400 and 25th St. Theater.

So here's a mix from that time period. I recorded it at a bar that let me do my thing after operating hours. All the 12" records I heard at the clubs are in this mix and a little bit more. The mixing for the most part is good, considering I was fairly new to dj'ing and playing on an old school Rane MP 24. No channel EQ's, effects, nothing. Straight to cassette. So raw...



brodie said...

thanks, i think i have a dub of this cassette...

The Honest Ape said...

Really awesome man! Had to post it up at Peace.