Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plug & Play.

I've decided to put out a monthly series of mixes called PLUG & PLAY. It's basically unplanned, on the fly and done in one take. Last Friday I pressed record and went for it. So you get all the randomness, slight imperfections and realness without the post production tinkering, just like the days when we were all recording with cassette players. FUN!

The first installment contains some grown & sexy beats, kiddie raps, 80's tracks, house & more.


DJ Mel - Plug & Play V.1


Jmoney said...

You should set up a Podcast for this. It's pretty easy to do. Hit me up if you want help.

mbs said...

just found out about this blog and listening to this mix. enjoying it greatly, keep the music alive and bangin'!