Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Images and Videos from Lollapalooza 2009.

One word: AMAZING.

We went bigger at Perry's Stage this year and the crowd was bigger as well. From beginning to end, the place was a madhouse. Even with the rain on Friday, it did not stop the kids from having fun. Again, I worked my ass off and at the end of each day, I walked back to the hotel with an enormous sense of accomplishment. You'll see in the videos below how big it was this year. It was unreal...

It was a pleasure running the stage and I think that we have formed a great team of production folks to make this part of the festival bigger and better every year. It's just too cool!

Sorry about the lack of pictures. My point & shoot decided not to work on the first day of the festival. BUMMER.

There are a few pics I took with my phone. You can see them here.

I am so thankful for this experience and looking forward to next year!



Dell Contest.

Tittsworth & Bobby La Beat.

Perry's Stage, before the madness.

We had gear.

Perry's Stage at night.


Jmoney said...

I got some good pics from the stage from GM, MSTRKRFT, DeadMau5, Perry and the light show as well. I'll send you a link when I get them processed.

Jazz One said...

Damn, homie, good to see you doing big things.