Thursday, March 05, 2009


I got booked in Seattle and I turned it into a small vacation. Spent most of my booking money on the amazing food up there and linked up with some great people. One of the highlights was going to the Manik warehouse and copped some really cool gear and decks.

Speaking decks, I scored the boards with Charles Peterson's work. Manik used his shots of the Seattle grunge scene for their shirts and decks. Funny thing, his photography was all over the hotel we stayed at.

Overall it was a good trip. Now I am nursing a cold and grinding it out from my office 'til I feel better.

Word to Foucolorzack and Sean C!

More shots of the trip are on the Flickr. Click here


Atari 2600 art. Click here

Ayres goes to Japan. Click here

Feeling that Jada mixtape. EVERY VERSE DESERVES A PULL BACK. Click here

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