Monday, August 11, 2008

Notes from Lollapalooza 2008.

Lollapalooza was the greatest experience ever. DJ'ing and playing the role of stage manager enabled me to learn so much about festival production (which is was way more involved than throwing a party at bar), which is a good thing, since this is something I would like to do more in the future. The people that worked the stage with me were incredible and the DJ talent was dope as well...

This is a shot of the DJ stage the day before the festival. So nice and green. By festival's end, it was a different story.

Mad cables and gear.

So the night before the fest, I opened for Mark Ronson at House of Blues. So much fun! Seeing Plastic Little jump out on stage for a few songs was a pleasant surprise.

On day one, the Chicago dudes killed it. Willy Joy and Zebo repped properly and the crowd loved it.

After shutting down the DJ stage on day one, I walked by the Radiohead set and it was an amazing scene. 50,000 people...

On day two, Devlin and Darko hit the stage. Their set was one of my favorites that weekend.

Later that day, Perry Farrell, his wife, Slash and Samantha Ronson performed at the DJ stage. It was a crazy - mad photographers, press and celebs made it a madhouse. It kept me on my toes, but I think it went over well...

Even Miss Lohan was there.

Later that afternoon, DJ AM hit the stage. I've never seen him live before and I was pretty impressed. Not only was he a great DJ, he's one of the nicest people around.

Wrapping up day two was Danny Masterson AKA DJ Momjeans. He did a great job moving the crowd and they loved every minute of it. Again, this was another crazy scene.

Day three would be the easiest day for me. My set was that day, Smalltown DJ's, Frankie Chan, E-Six & Roan were scheduled and Flosstradamus ended the fest on a perfect note.

Smalltown killing it!

Frankie Chan doing it big.

Flosstradamus closed out the festival. To see them do their thing at home was amazing. You have to see the clips...

The Weezer track was the perfect ender.

So when the festival ended, I got Smalltown a gig to play w/ DJ AM at the wrap party. On the way, they wanted a pic of themselves in front of the schedule...

It turned out that they had to play AFTER DJ AM DESTROYING IT. They were kinda stressing, but they turned it out as well...

DJ AM and yours truly.

It was an amazing weekend. If you were at the DJ stage at some point during the weekend, thanks for supporting and making it a great success!!!

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