Monday, June 09, 2008

Houston and Canada this week.

AK and Larny lampin' after the 'stros game

Oh yeah.

I had a great time with AK and the fam @ the Astros game this past weekend. It was good to be driven somewhere, hang out and chill without having to worry about a thing. I think a trip like this is needed periodically to keep my sanity...

So, I'm off to Canada this week and I'm totally amped! I really enjoy hanging out in Calgary and this will be my first time in Vancouver, this will be good...

If you're anywhere near these two Canadian cities, I'd love to see your mug.

I've been holding out on this one, but my Midas Touch remix is now available for download. Play it and play it loud...

DJ MEL - Midas Touch remix (126)


So fitting. GO BOSTON. Click here.


Rock the Casbah 31 tix are now available online. Click here to purchase.


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