Monday, May 26, 2008

The hot, lazy summer begins.

SWOLL last weekend.

I purposely kept it chill and stayed around the hood this holiday weekend. Rode the bike, grilled, watched the game & stayed away from the weekend warriors. The few trips we took were for food, shopping for AK's bathing suit and to watch the new Indiana Jones flick. The movie was okay, I thought they relied on too much CG towards the end...

Copped this the other day.

I'm totally hooked on the old school video games. Found all my old systems and fired up the Nintendo and burned a few hours on some lo-fi games. Punch-out is still fresh...


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Ain't nothing like the real thing, but look anyway. Click here.

Shots from SWOLL w/ Klev & Cosmo. Click here.


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Peter said...

copped the power glove off ebay the other day!

im sure ill see you over at cafe caffeine...

got a new blog too:

- peter