Monday, January 14, 2008

happy new year!

things have been on the low since new years. it's a good thing, i really needed the downtime...

well, i've made it a point to fill up my plate really full for sxsw again. i told myself after last year to keep it relaxed, but i find it really hard to sit still around that time of the year. if anything, it's going to be nice to see the fam again. it will be fun!


ak and myself went down to houston to visit miche (smalltown dj's agent) since she was in town for the weekend. it worked out perfectly since my dude witnes had his dj gear jacked the other day. so it was good timing to be in town and support the homie properly...

some pics...

that dude witness w/ the replacement macbook.

miche and yours truly.

ak hamming it up.


mr. sonzala begins the takeover. click here

serato 1.8 is now final. midi, tabbed menu & more. click here

i watched this two times in a row. if you have cable on demand, do this now. click here

for those that grew up on comic view. click here


i've been playing these remixes that i made for sometime now, i figure i'd let everyone else do the same. enjoy!

dj mel - get up remix (128)

outkast - rosa parks - dj mel remix (106)


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