Thursday, June 07, 2007


with yo majesty @ irving plaza last friday.

after some quick decision making, i'm back in texas after a week in nyc. for reasons i will not divulge here, i had to pull out of the tour. i think i made a decision that will pay off in the long run...

there were some highlights...

- copping mad free gear from a stylist before the irving plaza jumpoff.
- mishka lacing me with t-shirts.
- the cute lead singer from css eating a salad next to me in the dressing room.
- playing at a models and bottles club with cosmo.
- amazing food.
- watching pete rock and questlove dj w/eleven, cosmo & aubs.
- getting wasted @ the rub and seeing haul & mason do their thing.

so now it's back to focusing on my own shit. i put the summer on hold for two possible tours, but now it's about filling the calendar and getting things going. the shortlived tour was a blow to the wallet. live and learn. :)


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more later.


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