Wednesday, December 06, 2006

this is what i want to see everyday.

lake louise. canada.

it's been a minute, but a hard drive crash nearly claimed all of my photos from the last 3 years. fortunately the data recovery spot saved everything with minimal damage to my wallet. i find it kinda funny considering i am ocd about backing up all the music i use to dj, but lax when it comes to my pics. now i know...

back that shit up, son! this local spot is focused.


since my schedule has slowed down a bit. i've been able to focus on photoshopping, cleaning the crib, messing with my car and numerous other things. i am glad i've had this time...

the funfunfun fest was great. seeing kids crowd surf during my set made my day! i needed a good set like that. for real.


my peoples.


sample vs. sampled.

pics from the november swoll. it was so much fun! click here

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