Friday, October 13, 2006

the great white north reps hard.

the smalltown dj's. calgary, alberta.

my weeklong trip up north was dope. the montana shows (especially saturday's) were crunked out. it's bugged to see mad bay area fools up there. it was interesting...

...big up to dj jimi scott for the montana hospitality.

calgary is one incredible town! i had a chance to see the smalltown dj's empire. a dope nightclub, clothing store and sneaker spot? oh my!

i had an amazing time dj'ing with pete and mikey at their thursday weekly. it was nothing but fast tracks all night! bmore, house and miami bass. the packed club went nuts. it was so much fun. the smalltown guys plan on flying me back there in a few months. i'm thankful for the opportunity to play up there...

calgary and montana was nothing but big skies and beautiful scenery. truly amazing...

anyway, here are a few things to lookout for in the next few weeks...

advance tickets are available online @ front gate tickets.

you can rsvp for the free screening on october 26 @ the alamo drafthouse here

the third installment of this event will be really fun. booty tracks all night! my man witnes from h-town will be playing as well!

ok. some random things...

for all the vinyl nerds out there.

can't wait to get rid of the 650. click here

what a great album.

dudes are killing it.

a must read for any music industry type.

more later.


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