Wednesday, July 26, 2006


st. louis.

i'm sleep deprived. it all began in los angeles, where i happened to experience the hottest weekend in history. sleeping in a house with no air conditioning was tough. the insane heat aside, hanging out and gigging in l.a. was fun! a shout out to all my socal people that repped fully. big ups to goldenchyld for surprising me...

props to haul and mason for the looking out...

since getting back to texas, my sleep patterns have been totally off. without any coffee, i can stay up 'til 6am with no problem. that's fine and all, but having to go to work by 11am is no fun. seriously. i'm gonna crash early tonight.


beverly hills, 1984.

these are the dudes. vans should be your favorite song.

on some j mascis shit.

imho, the best dj bag for your dildo.

they're coming down, son. bring your binoculars.

my alaskan brotha is in finland, so focused...

always look at the profile.


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