Monday, April 17, 2006

my week on the east coast.

my dudes cosmo and ayres turning boston out.

my homegirl shellz and yours truly lampin' l.e.s. style.

it was a relaxed and productive week in ny. went on the road with the rub, dj'ed in manhattan friday night, did some sneaker shopping and clubbed it with jd and aubin.

big up to brent, the haterzville fellas and giant robot magazine for the gig. texas love...

all i have to say is that traveling with cosmo and ayres was so much fun! fat girl 99 fo' life!

i am looking forward to playing with them and jd in houston on may 27th. it will be large, son.

can't wait to be in nyc again june 1st.

more pics and chatter later.


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