Monday, January 16, 2006

the weekend was great.

san antonio

my gig in san antonio was bananas. this time around, my girl rolled with me to experience the goodness when i play down there. it was a celebration!

we had a rare chance to check out a spurs game, but we opted not to since i didn't want to rush to sound check. anyway, the hotel was too fresh to leave. if you have a chance, i highly recommend this place.

other than that, this weekend has been chill. i can't believe i watched three hours of this show. jeez, i'm hooked.

again, i can't wait to jet to san francisco and los angeles this weekend. i need a break!


this is where i'll be friday.

some new kicks to look out for.


this is the reason why i will be in ny monthly. click here

massive selector.

servin' more later.


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