Monday, January 30, 2006

top heavy.

a nice girl w/a nice shirt. from my gig with the tmc crew saturday.

shit! saturday was fun! it's been two years since i've been to plush downtown. i guess the last time i was there was the last day of my residency. man, that was two years ago. with that in mind, i dj'ed there for almost three years. nutty.

anyway, playing there was really fun. the place was packed and there was a line outside. even though the bar is small, the turnout exceeded their expectations. i was pleasantly surprised!

my set with tats was fun. it may have lacked here and there technically, but we made it up on selection. i can't remember the last time i played the firm's "phone tap" and seeing kids go nuts. it was bananas!

anyway, peep the table manners crew. they're holding it down on saturdays.

i'm flying out again this weekend. no biggie, i bought some decent luggage. it's going to be cold though...


linkage, son.



shut down.

serato kids, stand up.

more later!


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