Friday, December 16, 2005


groove distribution. chicago.

to think that christmas is next weekend. that's a good thing, 'cos i'm completely over how douchey christmas shoppers are. wreaths on suv's? jesus...

where's the 26th?!?

fortunately my parents and my girl are people of simple needs. shopping was easy for them. ha.

it's back on a plane tomorrow. again, it will be interesting. what's not interesting is dealing with the baggage and security people at the airport. i paid over a $100 in baggage overages last weekend. what a scam.

so to avoid all that, i've decided to take advantage of my sponsorship with these folks and pick up this. it's a necessary evil for the road. i have to do it. my back and my wallet is starting to hurt.

while i'm on the subject of flying, i saw an old girlfriend on my plane to dallas last weekend. i chickened-out and never approached her. i have not seen her in 12 years. damn. we were such good friends. it's all good though, her parents still live in my hometown. if i need to reach out, i can...


a review of my set in chicago. click here

will someone cane these motherfuckers? damn! click here

austin kids need to drive slow or you'll get taxed. click here

thank god i'm not in japan. i'd be broke. click here

i have some cali dates locked down with my boys next month! watch out frisco!

for more gig info, peep the myspace profile.

that's it.


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