Sunday, November 20, 2005


wicker park, chicago.

it's been a good week.

i played solo at my gigs this past week, which was good. i needed a couple of 4 hour sets out of my system. also, the practice was necessary for some big out of state gigs next month. it'll be in a casino/mega-club style, fool...

thanks to those who came out friday. you guys were hyped!

not much to say over here, but if you're in houston or san antonio during the thanksgiving weekend, peep one of my gigs.


sneakerheads start clickin'. it's mike 23.

you think you have rare kicks? click here. the maiden dunks are bugged.

my friend enfoe is the vestax 2005 scratch world champion. austin reps. click here for details.

the first victim of the smoking ban? click here

quality online listening. keep it local. click here

that is all.


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