Wednesday, November 09, 2005

lincoln memorial.

dc, son.

washington d.c was spectacular. the show with babu and klever was fun - grabbing coffee with them and management was funny. i thought i was the only caffeine freak on the road.

i was wrong.

after the show, i stayed in town for the weekend with my girl. since her best friend lives there, we were privy to all the dope spots around town. which was a good thing, otherwise we would have been stuck doing the typical tourist nonsense.

our hotel was dope.

the museums were so much fun.

the food was great.

the weather was perfect.

anyway, we both fell in love with the town. it's such a great place...

so it's back on a plane again tomorrow. i'm off to oklahoma city for a gig with dj premier and j period from ny. playing up there will be interesting, considering that i have no idea what okc is all about. we'll see.

you know this - i will be THE TOTAL NERD when i see premier. ha.

breaking you off some linkage...


jesus, stop watching the news on tv! go out to one of these events. click here.

something about girls that know their music. so cool. click here

more sneaker shopping. click here

ok. enough.

buy your tickets for my show this saturday!!!

thank you in advance!


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