Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hancock building.


this past week was insane. i didn't think it was 'til someone pointed it out to me.

the atlanta gig was cool. cash money ripped it. i'll have pics posted later.

the hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport was a fucking nightmare. the lazy driver dropping me off a 100 yards from check-in made it even worse. lugging all my records totally destroyed my back. sucky. like it wasn't messed up to begin with. :)

now it's off to washington d.c. for another gig this thursday. it will be better this time around because the girl will be rolling with me. i'm excited, we're both planning on being total tourists. i've never been, so it's going to be awesome.

ok some linkage...

start them young, fool.

you have $40 to blow on a dope t-shirt? click here

how 'bout dem tweeds!

more shit to blow cash on. i'm a sucker for star wars shit.

just plain stupid-fresh. camera nerds, grab a bib. click here


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