Monday, September 05, 2005


downtown austin.

the weekend has been very good to me. the 80's party was a blast. the sold-out show was nuts - i have never seen so many drunk people. good times. thanks to those who came out!!!

the olso gig with some of my peeps was fun. what the fuck was the deal with peeps doing drive-by digital camera shots? getting hit in the face with a flash from a foot away is not good for my eyes. that aside, that shit was funny.

on to something else...

i took the time to catch up on the new orleans disaster. i choked up while clicking through pics and articles. all i can is that i'm speechless.

here are some interesting reads on the catastrophe...

from city-journal. click here

from the washington post. click here

my austin peeps mobilize to make a difference. click here

some kanye west ish...

getting raw on national television. classic. click here

on the strength of the footage, here's the t-shirt. buy one. click here

btw, mr. west's new album is so fresh. he did it again.

a-ight. i'm out.


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