Monday, September 26, 2005


my boy z-trip and yours truly, this past thursday @ the whiskey bar. props to dj alchemy for the great shot.

i feel terrible. after all the gigs and working the acl fest this past week, i'm feeling a little under the weather, son. breathing mad dust for 8 hours will do that...

it was tons of fun.

earlier last week, i had drinks with the one of the directors of this documentary and dj klever. we had a free screening of the film and had klever dj before it...which by the way, is really good. you will totally see the ramones in different light. for really.

since my friend z-trip was opening for theivery corporation, i threw a last minute afterparty this past thursday at the whiskey bar. since the gm of the bar is a big fan of zach's, he was totally down. so with only three hours to promote, we packed-out the venue. good tunes, good vibes and an incredible crowd topped off a great evening. a very special thank you to those who came out!


all i can say about the acl fest is that it was hot and hella dusty. can someone move that monster to october? i saw too many people passing out from the 108 degree heat. move it, son.

well at least we can reclaim our town now. shit.

ok. peace out, ya'll.

make sure you come out to this screening tomorrow!


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