Sunday, September 18, 2005

the bird is the word.

austin zoo.

i just spent this afternoon chatting with truecraig about music, houston, mutual friends and randomness. also, he interviewed me for the austinist. good times.

talking to him made me further realize that it's a small world. for serious.


it's time to make some moves. to take a trip. switch up my surroundings.

for some reason, everything is annoying me. i don't know what is. maybe it's the grind right now. with all the events i'm involved with this week, things are only going to get worse. bleh. it's all good though, i'm totally thankful.

an opinionated idiot with a nasally voice is annoying as well. please stop talking.

the heat is taxing.

i think a trip will alleviate everything. i think nyc next month will be the plan.

while i'm on the out of town tip, i will be playing in the following cities next month and november...

10.20.05 chicago @ sonotheque
10.27.05 atlanta @ django
11.03.05 washington dc @ avenue

i plan on staying a few days after each gig and checking out the sites. i plan on taking tons of photos in each. yes.


have a good week.


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