Friday, August 12, 2005



i just got back from another trip to houston. it seems like i'm down there every week, but who cares! i will be opening for dj q-bert next thursday in h-town as well. anyway, i was booked to play at this event wednesday night. it was probably one of the craziest events i have ever played at. mad hipster chicks, dudes, weirdos, geeks and sluts were rocking out in their underwear. it was total chaos. i guesstimate the turnout was well over 600 people, which is insane for a weekly event. needless to say i was impressed.

i will be working with the promoters that booked me in getting the same event up here in austin on a monthly basis. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. :)

other than that, i went to an astros game with phuz and A. we had beers, food that was totally bad for you and forgot where we parked after the game. good times.

also, this place in h-town was flavors.

so, it's back to business. please come out to the following this weekend...

08.12.05 open for de la soul @ emo's/austin
08.12.05 close out free.99 @ tambaleo/austin
08.14.05 open for common @ stubb's/austin

please sign up for the next metro. this month's line-up is bananas. click here

see you out.


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