Sunday, July 31, 2005


johnson city.

i've been loving the rain.

too bad it has gone away for at least a week.

more should come soon.

many thanks to the peeps that came out this past tuesday night. it was really fun! ricky powell was crazy! hopefully the monthly event will keep up the momentum. we'll see.

there's a possible collab with this magazine. they want to sponsor some events. dig the name. ha.

rock the casbah 20 is september 3rd. mark your calendars!

i will be dj'ing with haul and mason in los angeles on august 20th. mobilize, fool.

krunkaoke gets some love from the statesman...

click here for the print.

click here for the video.

mac mini in a gti? it's pretty fresh. click here

austinist is the best.

more later.


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