Friday, July 08, 2005

drink du jour.

i'm not drinking this for recreational use. this cold is a mofe

doses of vitamin c, zinc, bottles of water and juice have not defeated the power of this summer cold. my preoccupation with phlegm is disturbing, i have spent most of my days spitting out the thickness. yuck.

now the girl is feeling the wrath. now it's my turn to take care of someone.

well, i am no longer playing at oslo on thursdays. the weekly grind of playing a slow weekly was taking it's toll. so they decided to opt for a more commercial route...

anyway. i will still be involved with the bar, but on a monthly basis. spinning things that my peers and myself will totally appreciate. it'll be something different and will involve national acts. keep them eyes peeled.

damn, not in my size again. click here

whatchu know 'bout dat wood? click here

caribou is ear candy.

local dirt. click here

need more 'tussin.


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