Monday, June 06, 2005


not much to post, it's been quality time with my parents and old school friends. to think that i had not seen mom and pops since december. i don't feel bad though, they have been really busy as well. all i have to say is that they are both characters. so funny. so entertaining. great people they are...

my man z-trip asked his girl's hand in marriage. congrats!

alexa brings back analog memories of old mixtapes. awesome. click here

some '96 radio/battle/freestyle shit with kanye and common. hella raw. click here (via mad wax)

my man nick nack is laying it down on metropolis. click here

dylan from da band spittin' that "fiyah". huh? click here

peep vacant

a-ight. hope to see ya'll at my gigs this week.

saturday we rock san antonio!


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