Thursday, May 12, 2005

take a seat.

why do people want to start fights? why do people want to "freestyle" at my events? cease and seckle on the needless bullshit and know when to do and not to do things. it's all about timing, folks. i have no time for the drama. for serious.


the out of state gigs for the upcoming months are now finally taking shape. i'll keep you posted.

this shit is really bugged. the next dvd release i bet will go double uranium.

click here for the next free event at the parish. a tribe called quester will be behind the wheels.

vw nerd? peep this.

some more quality texas shit on swedish brandy. it's flavor. click here

are they ignoring the 7.5 peeps?

you know my ass will be there. pinoys rep yo city.


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