Tuesday, May 31, 2005

been busy.

sunset blvd.

the title says it all. so friends, promoters and whatever don't take it personal. i haven't had much time to sleep, much less time to return phone calls and emails.

all the gigs this past week were fun, with the 80's party topping things off properly. thanks to those who came out to everything, especially the ones that came out in full force in houston. you guys are bananas!

now that things will slow down, it's time to go into studio. let's hope i don't get too anal about the new cd. that shit is always stressful. we'll see...

ok. a few links and i'm out.

some press in h-town. click here

always fun to visit! click here

rappers from my hometown make some beats. what you see on cnn ain't got shit on the trailer. click here

some love for the 80's party. click here


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