Wednesday, March 30, 2005


sunset blvd. hollywood, california

got the word that i have gotten some sort of sponsorship from rane mixers yesterday. since i played one of their events last year, they have wanted to hook me up with some gear. my boy jester has the same deal with them as well. i guess i will stock up on some things for the road...

i have been thinking about going to alaska this summer to take photos. i have not been there since i was kid (i was born there), so seeing old familiar places will be awesome. growing up there was incredible...

i have in invested so much in my camera and lenses...i want to put them to good use.


well, the california tour is in the works. i will be playing the rootdown/los angeles, dj'ing with haul and mason at their weekly in santa monica, with them again at milk bar in san francisco and in san diego. i'm really looking forward to it!

stay tuned for dates.

it'll be cool to see my family in san diego again...

oh yeah, me and diplo are going to throwdown at the end of next month. date and location tba.

ok. that's it for now.

enjoy this wonderful evening.


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