Sunday, March 06, 2005

more experimentation with the speedlight.

this is what happens when it's rainy and there's nothing else to do.

i think the reason why i took this photo is because a pro photographer spent four hours today taking photos of my dj room, my sneaker collection and myself for the new nike i.d. ad campaign. yes, your boy could possibly be in some national nike ads. now that would be crazy...considering that the photographer took shots of me dj'ing in only my boxers shorts. it should be interesting...

funny how things come my way.

anyway, peep the photographer's site. click here. his shots are amazing.

check out my interview on undevco. click here. i was kinda misquoted and don't mind the editing, they're working on it. :)

i've been up since 7 am. i'm tired.


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