Sunday, March 27, 2005

it's good to look up sometimes.

south austin.

aside from the drunken mishaps this morning, it was a lovely day.

my 80's party was hot last night. the venue was literally jumping all night. i felt the building move when i dropped "rebel yell". it was gully.

i had a few monents last night. i couldn't stop smiling. i can honestly say that i really enjoyed dj'ing.

my mixer falling out of its case while unloading was a total bummer. the shit is now a $700 paperweight. gotta a buy a new one tomorrow. fuck.

the next 80's party is may 28th. pencil that in.

oh yeah...

shows in dallas, san antonio, los angeles, san francisco, san diego, new york and many other places are slowly getting sewn up. stay tuned.

on a weird note...

have you ever been referred as a "stalker" before? someone who really doesn't know me used that term in a description. how funny...

...this person should ask the last 4 girls i have dated in the past year. that reference is so off the mark. you're lucky if i even have the time to return phone calls. i'm too busy for that shit...

it's all good, folks. i'm totally not one. jesus.

the nerve.


the "to do" list is big for tomorrow. i better go.


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