Friday, March 25, 2005

it's been a minute.

it's your boy and z-trip @ the red fez this past saturday. props to jscro for the pic.

well, things have not really stopped since sxsw. actually it was kinda chill that week for me, which is unusual. it's all good though, 'cos i think this was the most rewarding and gratifying festival for me. i got tons of exposure, without having to shove cd's and stickers in people's faces. the gigs were fun as well.

sxsw ended with a huge bang with a free show i threw together with my friend z-trip. with only 24 hours to promote (via text messaging, my space, word of mouth), we managed to pack out the venue before midnight. it was incredible!

shit. i heard there was a line around the block! word!

ok. for almost three hours zach and i threw down all sorts of randomness on four turntables and the crowd went nuts! it was truly amazing when you think about it, we were progressively getting wasted during the set. since we were playing for free, the bar sent us shots and drinks every 15 minutes. jager shots? hot damn! never again!

overall, zack and i had fulfilled this dream of playing somewhere randomly and just announcing it the day before. shit, we had been talking about this for years and it happened! one of the best events i ever played. hands down.

be on the lookout. we plan on doing it again!

the aftermath was bad though, i totally passed out on stage after the set. my roommate had to pack my gear and his girl babysat me. damn jager shots...

it was good times, ya'll.


break out those dancing shoes and get ready for two nights of complete mayhem!

tonight is free.99 fridays @ tambaleo! great bar, no cover, no downtown thugs and we will slap you in the face with some smokin' tracks! this is my favorite weekly at the moment. come out prepared!

tomorrow is the mother of all dance parties...

tix are still available here

it's going to be fun, folks! man, the last time i threw an 80's party, it was new years.

on some other shit...

more sneaker madness! witness the chamber of fear click here (via fixins)

kermit the frog dunks? man! click here

this t-shirt is hot. click here

ok, the weather is wonderful outside.

i'm out.


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