Wednesday, February 02, 2005


more of the 360 bridge. up close and personal.

to my peeps that have emailed me, sorry about the delayed response! i've been feeling really bad the past 24 hours. i'm surprised that i'm able to post without having a coughing fit. that shit sucks...

i think going to work today was a bad idea. i think i'm going to make moves to cancel the rest of my gigs this week. this funk is no joke, yo.

just like next guy, i think kanye west is awesome, BUT DAMN! what's up with him acting up at the american music awards? that shit slipped past me. click here for the story.

check out the pics from the incredible craft mafia show i dj'ed at this past november. there's a great shot of my turntables on stage. ha. click here

the craft mafia girls are doing some great things. shit, they now have a show on the diy network! protect your neck! click here for the scoop.

man, i need some tussin.


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