Wednesday, February 23, 2005


my only clear outdoor shot from l.a. this past weekend.

it rained like crazy all weekend in los angeles. it was cold as well, so my mission to take photos all over town was squashed. bummer.

bad weather aside, it was a good weekend.

i'm lazy, so here are the highlights...

during our stay we rolled in an escalade.

i got to hangout with z-trip. he drove us around and showed us his new home. he has the most incredible house in the hills. seeing how well he's doing was really inspiring. z really deserves it...

then it was off to a thai restaurant.

when z-trip dropped us off after dinner, he asked me to put him on the list, plus three. i asked, "why three?" he answered with "i'm bringing faust and shortee with me to check you out." i was like "what?" shit. i was kinda scarred.


i got to haul and mason's weekly event and it was packed. there had to be at least 600 people in the bar. it was wild. they have things locked down on saturdays.

before i went on, z-trip hopped on stage and brought up faust and shortee to meet me. they were the nicest folks. especially shortee, she is the sweetest girl ever. so sweet that she brought a big stack of her cd's and dvd's for me. it was a pleasure to meet them!

so i started playing - z-trip, faust and shortee decided to sit behind me and watch me play. i was totally under the impression that they were going to dance and chill, but they stayed onstage to watch. needless to say, i was hella intimidated.

at any rate, i did my thing and the crowd went nuts. z-trip and shorty went nuts and i had fun spinning. i made such an impression, that i now have a regular place to play in los angeles. hot.

after my set, haul and mason went on. all i can say is that they ripped it. they have the four turntable thing down. what was interesting about their set is that they mostly used serato. again, i was inspired.

gotta love inspiration.

with all that said, haul & mason, z-trip, faust & shortee are good peoples.


i did the usual record digging and sneaker shopping during the trip. i'm so bad.

i scored these.

anyway, i'm looking forward to being in l.a. again. hopefully the weather will be better next time. ha.

i'm so tired.


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