Friday, February 11, 2005

38th and speedway.

things are revving up to be a busy month of march. sxsw will be hectic for me - i've gotten myself involved in a grip of non-sxsw events. they're gonna be hot and the best thing, they are free. also, i've been booked to play some big events at the university of texas and i have some more out of state gigs sewn up for the next few months. for sure. totally.

the latest issue of the fader with yours truly is now in stands. grab a copy, dun.

i just bought this lens the other day. it was hella expensive, but i got it in time for my first interior photo shoot next week. i will be spending the day shooting a house for an architect's website.

the money i make off this shoot should be enough to finance my gig in l.a. next week. word.

hopefully the interior photography thing will pick up. i would like to drop a weekly dj gig.

oh well.

it's tambaleo tonight and then san antonio tomorrow. the s.a. gig will be crazy.

later on.


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