Thursday, January 06, 2005

this cold weather is making mel a dull kid.

it's me. wondering when the cold will make its departure.

finally. time to post. all the gigs and my day job has this kid frazzled once again. like that's something knew that already. i need some merlot and an evening at home.


yours truly is the regional winner for this contest. got the call yesterday with the good news. what's really funny about the whole thing is that i sent them my old ass mixtape with no expectations of it making a wave. i still can't believe i won. now it is off to the finals...we'll see how that shit fares with other mixes from around the country. rub them rabbit's feet, ya'll.

with that victory said, i will have the privilege of playing alongside dj craze and dj p at scion's monthly jammy jam at the parish on january 25th. ya better roll deep. hope to see you there.

on a related note, vote for your boy in this year's music poll. click here. make it count...

krunkaoke was hot last night...

some of the honeys from last night. appears to get crazier every week. it's fun for the whole family. in my humble opinion, it has to be one of the best nights in town. of course my girl linder spins at the fez on the same night...

a-ight. i'm off to dinner.

stay warm.

continue to keep it gangsta.


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