Sunday, January 23, 2005


one of the many shots from yesterday.

the man picured above is kat. he's the one responsible for all my 80's party flyers and many other great things around town. he helped out with the photo shoot since he is designing g's website. you can peep his awesome work by visiting his site. click here

the photo shoot was incredibly fun. we picked some fresh locations to use as a backdrop for g's pictures. combined with the gear he was rocking, the shots should give his site a feel of sophistication and maturity. in my humble opinion, it's rare to see a really fresh dj website. i'm sure kat will hook it up.

i'm looking forward to seeing the end result...

more on the photo tip, i'm linking up with boom chica aubrey first thing tomorrow to talk some d70 shit, take some pics and be total dorks! not only can this girl dance, she's a dope photographer! you can see her work by clicking here

it's gonna be hot.


more later.


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