Sunday, January 02, 2005

it's behind us.

it's 2005, folks. it's time to get busy. i think i say that every year.

i was booked every day leading to the 80's party. each gig was crazy. people were out to party this year. that was a good thing.

the 80's party sold out two days before the event. the madness leading to it was unbelievable. all my friends that were involved with the party were getting hit up for some way in. phones ringing like crazy. people willing to pay more than double to get in. insane. people were on a mad hunt to find extra tickets. amazing.

the party itself was really fun. the girls, all the staff and myself had a great time. of course i had way too much to drink, but who cares? everyone was faded as well.

oh, erica posted a full report on her blog. click here

nice to finally to see you in person, miss lucci...

thanks to all of you who came out. you are the best.

now chilling is all on the agenda. today i finally got to hang out with a friend that has been staying at the house since wednesday. i'm glad things have slowed down.

that is all for now.


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