Monday, January 10, 2005


had two phone calls today that were similar in nature...

divorce and separation.

one caused by differences, both irreconcilable and personality related.

the other caused by "the grass is greener on the other side" notion and "i'm thirtysomething and i feel the need to party with a bunch of college chicks" idea.

the former is a long time coming. the latter is just plain silly.

sometimes i wish i could tell someone that they're being stupid. oh well.

if they are cool with the situation, then i am too. i'll support my friends.


if i have to say anything about anything, both situations further strengthens my fear of relationships.

shit. you just don't fucking know. really.

my friend's wife had no idea. she's crushed.

imagine being in a ten year relationship and all of a sudden, your spouse decides to bounce.


shit. this is nothing new. it happens everyday.

i don't know, but it bugs me out.

this makes me thankful that i am not involved with anyone.

no drama.

no stress.

i think i'll keep it that way.

on a much lighter note, peep my girls doing their thing. click on beth's armpit.

aren't they cute?

'til later...


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