Saturday, December 18, 2004


yes. i have a problem. the crazy thing, that is not all of them. not only that, i have a grip of new balances and adidas as well. damn. finding new sources to find the limited shit on the internet is making this kid spend too much loot. i need to stop. ha.

my collection ain't shit compared to this guy's. hot damn! (via catchdubs)

tonight's gig was completely out of control. a packed house with nothing but girls and booze. the amount of broken glass on the floor was incredible. you know it was a hot party when you see shit like that. the girls that flocked the stage...truly amazing.

hot to def.

this magazine approached me to submit my bio and top 5 club tracks for the next issue. be on the lookout! it hits the stands february 28th.

i have busy day tomorrow.

better go.


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