Sunday, December 05, 2004


an alba inspired shot from the standard hotel. los angeles.

my gigs this weekend were good for the soul. i enjoyed each and everyone of them, especially the one last night. it was a going away party for a friend that's a big contributor to our scene here in austin. his absence will leave a big void here, but i have faith that someone will fill it to some degree. makes me a little bummed. anyway, the crowd was filled with folks from the '97-2000 party scene, so they were getting down with the hotness. true players for real.

i slept all day.

in a rush this afternoon, i had coffee with several lady friends and talked about their future hair styles, relationships, shoes and company christmas parties. it was funny i must say...

i can't believe i paid $5 for a brownie and i didn't get high. just kidding.

during this time of the year, i find it easy to reflect on what was going on 365 days before. flashes of what i was doing, what i was feeling and thinking have been swirling around me. the 20/20 perspective that usually comes with that much time away, i am so glad that i'm not where i was then, but at times i can be nostalgic. it's easy to romanticize and gloss over the bad. the trick is to remind yourself how and why things got you to where you are now. it's ok to reflect. you learn and grow from it.

i'm still learning.


ok. not much else to say. there's a christmas party i'm unsure about attending.

gotta go.

more later.

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