Tuesday, November 02, 2004

set adrift.

camera phone fun. just minutes ago.

this past weekend was odd. weird vibes, shitty weather and thugs made it a forgettable one. throw in any fucked-up word to describe the past few days, but do not use the word festive. it wasn't...

i think today's election had people a little unsettled. i know i am.

hints that make me believe that it is finally fall/winter...

- the dark, overcast sky.

- the long overdue cold, crisp air.

- the smell of burning firewood lingering everywhere.

- the air conditioner no longer kicks on.

- people wearing scarves.

- getting offers for nye.

it's nice to break out the cold weather gear. we all need the change.


i better get back to work. i need to leave work early for a gig tonight.

before i go, peep this site of crafty honeys i am spinning for later this month. they rock.

hope the election goes our way.

later, folks.


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