Saturday, November 20, 2004


a shot from the melee in detroit

after seeing the craziness on televsion before my gig tonight, it reinforced my feelings about professional sports. as a kid, i was a big nba and nfl fan. now, i think some pro athletes are overpaid thugs who think they are above the law. there have been many situations in the past 10 years to make me feel that way. provoked or not, the players should have never attacked the fans tonight and vice versa...

there's no excuse.

plus, these cats started shit in detroit. DETROIT!!! out of all places!!! that place is gully, you don't want things to pop off there. people in detroit don't mess around.

all i can say that it's sad.

on to other things.

the weather here has been depressing. it has rained so much in the past month and in the past week that i almost forgot what the sun looked like. the forecast calls for rain through next week. the rain is getting old. i want the sun.

on the dj tip...

for me, it has been getting harder and harder for me to deal with the increasing amount of people who are requesting songs during my sets. i find it hard to concentrate and i find it really annoying. after someone tapped my shoulder and caused me to trainwreck a mix tonight, i grabbed the mic and said "no requests! if you want to hear your song, then go to your car!" yes, it's that bad now.

i feel that it's attributed to the following:

in nyc, la, chicago and what have you, people who frequent bars there pretty much grew up around dj culture. here, you have folks that have no clue about what you are doing. they have no idea about the culture or the artform. with that said, to them there's no difference between you and a jukebox. so there's no trust in the dj. no respect. like i'm going to play shit that's going to make you stop dancing.

commercial "hip hop" radio - the garbage they play is NOT HIP HOP. LIL' JON IS NOT HIP HOP. THE YING YANG TWINS IS NOT HIP HOP. LUDACRIS IS NOT HIP HOP. galt macdermot is more hip hop than those cats. the radio has created a generation of people who have no idea what hip hop really is. what REAL MUSIC is.

entitlement - some people think that they are entitled to hear what they request. i'm sorry, but i don't have to take your request at all. most bars bring me in because i can turn it out - based on my skill and musical taste, not on my ability to take your request for britney spears or usher. i don't owe anybody anything.

i think some drunk people suck - 'nuff said.

if people only knew how disheartening it is when you get bombarded with requests when you're trying to do your thing. i wish that people trusted me and my fellow dj's that are trying to push a sound that's based on their personality and musical taste. not based on what your local radio station is playing over 50 times a day.

if you want to hear what you want to hear all night, then stay home. you'll be doing me and yourself a big favor.

that is all.


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