Monday, November 29, 2004

not everyone loves them.

a great photo via itchy robot.

i have conflicting feelings about the food hole. shit is hella pricey and not that great. as far as i'm concerned, the nod goes to central market. i can actually get a coke there. maybe i'm just creased 'cos i've spent tons of cash there since i started working across the street many years ago. so go ahead and hate on me. :)


as soon as this holiday mumbo jumbo is over with, it's out of state gigs in cali, ny, seattle, puerto rico and utah. yell at the kid if you want me to play in your area.

don't forget about my nye throwdown @ the parish. it's cheap, it's gonna be live and you'll be foolish to miss it. click here for details.

puerto rico is going to be fresh.


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