Sunday, November 28, 2004


shots from the colorado river bridge. east austin.

the fresh weather made this kid go out be productive for a change. it's been a minute since i've taken pics. the wet weather made me lazy.

the long holiday weekend is finally coming to an end. odd gigs, a brief visit with the family and out of control shopping pretty much sums it up.

over a turkey dinner, i found out my mom disposed tons of my belongings from my childhood. i was pissed. still am. make sure your mom hasn't done the same to you.


i had a birthday dinner with the extended fam at a cafeteria for swede this evening. the experience was totally funny...being in a room filled senior citizens and my friends is a sight to see. they're total clowns. i should've brought the camera. damn.

random thoughts...

i still think swv songs are hot. don't be surprised when i bust them out during my sets.

i didn't get booked for any company christmas parties this year. how odd.

my friends are everything to me.

two speeding tickets in less than a year is not a good thing.

the austin craft mafia is hot.

girls that can sing always get me hyped. the waitress in l.a. singing kool and the gang had me lovesick. for real.

speaking of los angeles, the rebirth are the best thing ever. carlos the keyboardist was instrumental in getting me booked on the west coast. buy the record and play it over and over.

sushi with cool chicks rocks.

that's it.

enjoy the new colors and the new banner.


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