Monday, October 04, 2004


been feeling lazy. i haven't been wanting to post, but here's a little something.

the 80's party was an insane, sold-out success. getting to the venue (we were running really late) and setting up was mad stressful. as soon as sound check was over with, a hundred people walked in and started dancing. which was crazy, because usually at the beginning of the night i let an album play and drink a few beers to loosen up. needless to say i never got a chance to do that. i had mad beers during my set but it didn't do a thing. the whole rush job to the venue really had me stressed. i never felt relaxed. maybe my set reflected that...

having the girls back made it really fun and made me realize how important they are to the event. hopefully they will be in town for the next one. they rawk.

the fire marshalls added a little drama to the night. i guess they saw the line that wrapped around the block and decided to pay us a visit. after giving our peoples some grief, it was all good.

all the stress aside, it was a good time for all and that's what really matters.

if you were there, thanks for coming out!

in the meantime, come out to my weeklies and get your dose of party rockin' hip hop and a dash of 80's tracks to hold you over 'til the next rock the casbah. word.

'til later.


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