Monday, October 25, 2004

the thrown.

probably the nicest toilet i have ever used. the standard. los angeles.

with plenty of time off, it enabled me to catch up with myself and do things i have not been able to do in a hot minute...that means chill.

this past weekend's gig with one of the members of this group was white hot. crazy thing is that his wifey is from houston. texas is all up in this bitch.

been on the sampler all night. a fucking drum loop is stuck in my head. speaking of which... new cd is near completion. as soon as i work out a few kinks in it, it's off to the presses. so get ready and save your lunch money.

plenty of shit going on this week in a-town. peep my gig list. hope to see you out.

wear a costume and bring me some candy.


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