Friday, October 29, 2004

caught in a grid.

patio style. los angeles.

i pretty much slept the day away, i guess i needed the rest. subjecting myself to four hours of sleep nightly doesn't facilitate a very sunny disposition. that pattern needs to change. my bed is a foreign place. caffeine controls me.

i'm ridden with anxiety.

the upcoming election has me shook. from the little press i have read, things are looking bad. it won't be decided in a day. there will be fraud. it will go to the courts. that said, you will see people out in the streets in anger. the shit is about to hit the fan, folks...

i really don't want to be out on election day, especially at night, but i am spinning a party with one of the guys from interpol. it should be interesting. i wonder what the turnout will be like - how the election appears that night and the fact i am opening for someone who cannot mix two records together. celebrities don't need skills. oh well, it will be fun.

hope to see you at one of my halloween weekend gigs. i will make you dance.


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