Friday, October 01, 2004

award tour.

how ya like me now? it your boy, chillin' at the new crib with this unexpected surprise. i really didn't think they had a dj category. awesome.

for the dirty on the award, click here

a big thanks to those who voted for me. you all mean so much...

peep the spectacles.

i had to get new glasses, i was going blind, for real. the lines on the new frames are of the nerdy kind, but who cares. i'm a nerd anyway. :)

the new place is going well. having a balcony connecting to my bedroom is always a plus. still having tons of unpacked boxes everywhere isn't.

oh yeah...

it's going to be a busy weekend. you all make sure to come by the 80's party, i think you will have a wonderful time.

gotta run.


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